Realization Of What I Have Already Given You

Neil Vermillion —  July 24, 2017 — Leave a comment

As you sit with me I will continue to open up the floodgates before you for all you need. Sometimes you believe you lack things, ideas, or network, but I am saying to you this day I have already provided you with all you will ever need. I am continually opening you up to recognize the provision afforded you for all you lack, all you need. I am continually opening you up to you what you need, and also increasing your awareness of what’s already been given you. I am reminding you of truths you already possess, potential you already possess, and opportunities you already possess, for in these things you will find you already possess all you will ever need.

I have given you more than you could ever ask or imagine, and have done so both mysteriously and obviously. I have given you gifts and talents. I have given you time and energy. I have given you understanding and opportunity, and have given them all to you extravagantly. I have made a way for you, so that you are able to accomplish and advance according to the call upon your life, the season you are in, and the understanding you presently possess, while simultaneously preparing you for what is unknown, what is yet to come, what is yet to be revealed in your future.

I have made these things available to you discreetly and secretly. They are hidden gems lying at your feet this very moment. I have given you treasures you’ve not yet recognized, and have done so with great precision and care. I have given you the tools and resources you need to be able to begin and to initiate, but have also given ideas, relationships, experiences, and talents that have been hidden below the surface that will manifest as they are discovered, activated, needed, or awakened.

I have also given you these things in an overt and obvious manner. I have showered you with not only my great affections, but also the time and talents you are aware of. I have more than hinted at the direction and call upon your life, though the circumstances, desires, interests, curiosities, and talents demonstrated on the surface.

And with this overt demonstration I have spoken to you in a non-verbal language. I have articulated who you are, what direction you are to travel, and how you are to accomplish it all, and have done so without speaking a single word. Even though I have not said it with my mouth, nor have I written it in a book, nevertheless it is more than evident as you look and observe.

I have given you all you will need, and am continually offering new insights and suggestions to you day by day, as you continue to grow, and as you continue to become open to it.

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