The Realization Of The Person I Have Called You To Be

Neil Vermillion —  April 7, 2016 —  Comments

And as you come to know me, you will discover and experience your great delight and satisfaction found only in me. For in my presence is fulness of joy. In our fellowship and union together you will experience immeasurable, unspeakable, unpredictable bliss. And your heart will be full and your mind will be amazed. Your entire being will be surrounded with, and saturated in, the warmth of my spirit and you will know you are loved beyond any shadow of a doubt.

You will no longer remember your Old Ways. You will no longer identify with your former self. You will no longer look to your past and expect it to repeat in your present or in your future, for you will have a new hope and a new strength. You will have a new lens through which you will see this this life and this world. And this lens will change the way you live, moment by moment, day after day. This lens will change the way you think in both small ways and big ways. This lens will change the way you feel in your heart, for there is no aspect of your life my love will not touch and influence.

I have revealed all these good things to you, and it is my delight to continue to do so. I will speak to you and bring the peace your heart needs. I will speak to you and bring calmness in the middle of your storm. I will speak to you and bring answers in times of confusion and uncertainty. I will make myself known to you and I will bring the healing and redemption you need.

I will break in and interrupt your situation. You will be surprised for though you know me, you will not always see me coming. Though you are acquainted with my ways I will surprise you, My Beloved. I will ambush you with my generous, hilarious goodness. I will sneak up on you and shower you with my loving affections. I will approach you unannounced and deliver wave after wave of restoration – so much you will not be able to comprehend or contain it all. And this will surprise you and it will delight you, for there are many wonderful, delightful surprises in store for you – more than you know or could imagine.

And your confidence will no longer be in yourself, but in me. Your plans will no longer be according to your will, but according to mine. For you will know me, and you will learn of me. You will adopt my ways as you come to know my heart. You will realize the person I have created you to be, the person I have called you to be, even since before the beginning, and you will embody and possess all I’ve revealed to you.

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