The Realms Of Which You Are Completely Unaware

Neil Vermillion —  October 17, 2017 —  Comments

In the sweetness of the sincerity of your heart for me, you will find new opportunities for potential, for innovation, for growth, and development. You will find me in the aspects you do not believe are significant, the small and overlooked regions of your heart and mind. For I possess all the space, and there is no place I do not exist. But it is within these smaller regions, these lesser known, lesser familiar regions of your heart and mind you will find untouched ground. For in this untouched ground I will speak to you without contamination, without prejudice, without bias from your own personal experience (1).

So do not shy away from me in the times you encounter your ignorance. Do not shy away from me as you encounter new lands, new territories, new ideas, new experiences, and new relationships. For it is in these new things you will have nothing to rely on except for me, and it is because of this reason you will engage with me in fresh and pure ways.

You mean well most of the time. Your intentions are generally good, but you oftentimes rely on habit, instead of freshness. You have the option to inquire of me for a fresh perspective, a fresh understanding, for fresh manna, but revert to what you already know. You revert back to yesterday’s manna, because you know where it is, you know how to manage it, and you can save time without being inconvenienced by collecting today’s manna (2).

So while there is efficiency in building on what is known, by enhancing and repeating what is already working in your life, know there is still much ground to be gained, many experiences yet to be discovered, and many, many new facets to be touched in the realms of your ignorance. For the things in which you are ignorant are ripe for the picking. The regions of your heart and mind in which you are ignorant, are completely fresh and ready to receive my seed (3).

So be aware as I bring you into new things and allow you to begin to become aware of your ignorance. For as I do I am adding new things to you, wonderful experiences, and fresh and new perspective, understanding, and revelation. And with this you will encounter my heart, not merely my hand. Though you will know my hand, there is more to who I am than the goods I offer you. So discard your familiar paradigms and embrace all that I am setting before you in this hour – particularly that which is entirely new to you, the realms of which you are completely unaware.

(1) Proverbs 15:3, Colossians 1:17, Jeremiah 23:24 (2) Matthew 6:11 (3) Luke 8:11

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