Realms Of New Experience Today

Neil Vermillion —  July 3, 2017 — Leave a comment

I am bringing my peace in the midst of your storms. I see your present circumstances, and I see the direction in which you are headed. I’m aware of the circumstances applying pressure as well as the things that weigh heavy on your mind. I am working within the context of today in order to advance you forward to tomorrow. I am working with you gently and softly, in order to preserve your heart so you will not feel totally overwhelmed, and so you will not be crushed by the pressures of the day as if they hit you all at once.

I am moving you slowly in order to preserve you. I am moving you slowly in order to give you ample time to grow and to adjust. I am moving you slowly, even though it feels as though I am moving you too quickly at times, and you are not able to keep up with it all. But trust in my voice as I speak comfort to you. Trust in what I am doing within your heart and mind, as I continue to awaken your own understanding to the present issues in your heart. Trust in my timing, even though it seems slow. I will ensure you arrive and finish, right on time, precisely according to my great plans for you.

I am working in you gently and moving you gradually. I am slowing you down so you will not harm yourself. I am keeping you fenced-in in order to protect you from all you cannot perceive. Even though it seems I am moving you too quickly many times, in one season after the next, this is because your perception in the moment is convoluted by personal discomfort. But as you reflect on your past, and see the involvement of my hand in the timing of all that has transpired, you will be able to clearly see how I moved you precisely according to what was kind and gentle with you, even though it did not feel that way in the moment.

And with this appreciation spawned from understanding this memory, you will be able to trust in me. I am affirming my plans and my timing to you this very day. I am sending you my message so you will hear my voice, and remember our past exchanges together. In this remembrance, you will know I am with you, and will trust in what I have for you in this day, as well as for what is yet to come.

So put your mind at ease, and allow yourself to rest as you abide and cooperate with my timing of advancement in your life. For even though it seems I am moving you too quickly , and the pressures you experience are too heavy, you will discover as you walk with me hand in hand, just how slowly and gently I have moved you forward, past the limits of yesterday, into the realms of new experience for today.

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