Receive From Me When You Are In Great Need

Neil Vermillion —  June 9, 2017 — Leave a comment

The issues of your life are not out of my concern. The pressing matters of this very day are not forgotten, nor ignored in my scope of understanding and attention. Because you are limited you think I am also limited. Because you grow tired, you think I also grow tired. Because you become confused and overwhelmed, you think I also become confused and overwhelmed. But I am not like you . I never sleep, nor slumber. I never grow tired, nor confused. I never feel overwhelmed, anxious, or worried. So I never run out of things to say. I never run out of ideas or possibilities. I never run out, ever. And because you want to understand me you project what you understand on to me, even though this is not the reality of who I am. Because you understand your limited concepts, you attach them to me, so you can understand and relate to them.

But let me assure you I am far greater than those limits. I am far bigger than manageable and simple explanations. There are so many facets to who I am , each of which is inexhaustible. There are so many directions you could travel within me, and still find no end. There is so much yet to be revealed, and so much yet to be discovered, so do not be alarmed as I continue to bring you further and further into the depths of my being.

For though I am vast, we are joined together. Though I am unexplainable, still we have been united together. Even though I am mysterious to you, still you are my child. And though all of these things are frightening, not only in their complexity, but in the full scope and appreciation of what it really means, you will begin to perceive it as amazing and mesmerizing as you are hypnotized by the beauty of all that I am, and all that has been offered to you.

For I am before all things, and in me, and because of me, all things are held together. I know the beginning from the end, and everything in between. I know the highest of the high, and the lowest of the low. I know all points of reference, for I have made them, and have established them as such. I have given order and provided laws and design. I have spoken to your heart, even the intimate secrets you are not fully aware of, just the same way I have spoken to the entire universe.

And still, in spite of all these grand gestures, I have made my home within you. I have called you my own. I have revealed myself to you in humility. I have bought you with a price, so you will know you have been redeemed. I have pursued you at great expense, and continue to do so, even this very day.

I have hidden myself in the mysteries of the universe, yet I have knocked on the very door of your heart. I am not far away or distant, but am in the very space in which you exist. So do not be overwhelmed, My Child. Do not let your heart grow weary. Do not work yourself into a frenzy, full of fear, anger, irritation, or worry. For I am before all things, and in me all things are held together. I hold all the keys. I control all the doors. I possess all the knowledge, all the truth, all the hope and inspiration. I hold all the origins of all that has been made. I am the source of all that is, or ever will be.

So contemplate and consider just how much you mean to me, and how much I truly love you. Consider all that is before you and all that is surrounding you. Consider who I am, but also consider my great love for you. Consider these things, as you consider your hurts, worries, fears, and problems. Compare them next to each other, side by side. Consider the glorious riches made available to you, even in this very moment. Consider what lies in store for you in your future, and then draw your attention to the hope awaiting you, not only tomorrow, but also today, in this very moment.

Do not consider your problems and legitimate concerns to be so much greater, but cast your heart on to what is unseen, for what is unseen is eternal. Cast your affections on things above, where I am seated, and you are seated with me. Cast your mind on to the beauty I have for you in this very moment, and do not overwhelm yourself in pouring your attention to your temporary and fleeting obstacles. But continue to receive from me, particularly when you are weak.

Receive from me when you are in great need, for I see your time of need. Receive from me when you are hopeless and have no idea how to continue forward. Receive from me and continue in me, for in doing so you will experience the great provision I have for you, time and time again. You will come to experience, not merely understand, the greatness of who I am, and all I offer, here and now, as well as in the future too.

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