Receive My Embrace

Neil Vermillion —  July 11, 2016 —  Comments

As you continue to set yourself in motion you will continue to encounter me. As you continue to recognize your dependency on me you will continue to encounter me. Though these are habits you want to avoid, open your heart to allow me to speak to you individually. For I will awaken your desires for true pleasure, true adventure, true romance, true innovation. But these things will not happen as you continue to abide in the constructs of your comfort zone. These things will not be experienced as you remain in the confines of the security and stability you have created for yourself.

As you step out and move past your own zone of knowledge, past your own zone of comprehension, past your own zone of security you will encounter me in a very clear, very direct manner. Though you previously thought your security and stability could be created and maintained by your own works, you will discover there is no place more safe, more secure, more stable, than in the center of my will for you – even when it appears to be unorthodox or unusual.

My will for you will cause you to grow and prosper. My plans for your life will give you all you need and want. My will for your life will bring you closer to my heart, and do so with righteousness, excellence, and integrity. You will know me and experience me, not just in concept, but in reality. You will know me and experience, not just my ideas, principles, and teachings, but in your natural environment, and in the realms of your heart.

You will experience the stability and surety of remaining in my shadow, remaining in the center of my will. As you do, you will recognize the former ways of living and protecting yourself are terribly inadequate. What strength do your idols possess? What guidance could they offer you? What kind of salvation or redemption or protection do dead idols, along with their ideologies, offer to you?

As you realize the truth of all I’ve set before you, you will begin, and continue, to abandon your trivial, weak, and worthless notions of what security and stability really is. And you will forget these false notions, and adopt the truth of all I have for you. You will taste and see. You will see and understand. You will hear and observe. You will comprehend and know what I am saying, and what I communicating to you moment by moment.

You will no longer know me from a distance, but as your very being is dependent upon you, you will realize the luxurious and glorious goodness of all I’ve made available to you. Though you will confront errors, lies, and deceptions, these things will not leave their mark permanently. These things will be quickly discarded, and will be quickly forgotten as you continue to receive my embrace, day after day.

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