Receive What I Am Giving You Regardless Its Present State Of Development

Neil Vermillion —  January 22, 2018 — Leave a comment

The words I have spoken to you are spirit and they are life. The ideas I have given you, likewise are also life, for they contain many ideas and many meanings. The ideas I have given you have multiple outcomes, multiple applications, multiple directions in which they will grow and develop. The ideas are rich with potential, so do not discount, nor disregard the ideas I have given you, though they appear as a mustard seed. Though small in its present state, if you will receive it, plant it, and tend to it faithfully, it will grow and bear much fruit. (1)

Know the ideas I have given you, and am continuing to give to you, will affect your heart dramatically. The ideas have a value all their own, even if you decide to take no action upon them, and do not develop them, or cause them to manifest in your life. The mere concepts I have given you, and am continuing to present before you, are rich with not only meaning, but lasting exchange in value too. For these ideas, as you behold them and gaze upon them, will affect your mind, your heart, and your spirit is profound ways.

So sit with me, and allow me to feed you. Allow me to speak to you. Allow me to plant many ideas within the garden of your heart and mind. Allow me to not only speak complete and mature thoughts and revelation, but allow me to plant incomplete, and immature thoughts in the form of seeds. For these seeds will surely sprout, grow, and bear fruit. Receive what I am giving you this day, whether it is developed, or not. Receive what I am presenting you to you this day, whether it has matured or is just beginning, for regardless its present state of development, it has a value and worth all its own. (2)

(1) John 6:63, 1 Kings 3:12 (2) Matthew 13:31-32

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