Receiving, Stewarding, And Nurturing My Thoughts

Neil Vermillion —  February 5, 2018 — Leave a comment

The thoughts I have for you seem small at times, but let me assure you my plans for you are not small. Though the thoughts are small, the full development and maturity of the plans I have for you are not small. The thoughts I have for your consideration are small, but they only start small. They do not remain small, because they grow, expand, and mature over the course of time as you respond to them appropriately. As your mind grows, your understanding grows, and your capacity for maturity and responsibility grows, so also will your understanding of the simplicity of the ideas and thoughts I have for you also grow. (1)

For it starts small, but it grows and increases and does not remain small. So do not feel underwhelmed, nor confused by the small thoughts of the day. Though they are small in their origin, they are wonderful and glorious, they are dynamic and eternal, they are generous and inspiring. I will walk with you over the years as one thought gives way to another thought. I will give you instruction and understanding so you will be able to know what I’m saying, but also so you will be able to discern and understand how to respond, as well as what to avoid. (2)

I will be with you along the way, as your mentor, teacher, and drill sergeant. But I will also be with you by your side, as your father, friend, and intimate companion. I have the best in store for you as you continue to develop. I will not lead you astray, nor will I neglect you, or ignore you. All the investment you make into our relationship will not be wasted, nor squandered, but will produce a harvest of ten, twenty, and one hundred fold. (3)

Receive what I am saying, even though it may sound unassuming and unimpressive. Receive what I have for you, for as you remain faithful in developing and stewarding what I have given you, it will grow and increase as it becomes entirely wonderful and delightful for you. (4)

Yes, there will be challenges, and yes, there will be surprises along the way. But you will not finish empty handed, and you will not finish disappointed. Your faithfulness and obedience will be well rewarded as you remain faithful in receiving my thoughts for you, as well as stewarding and nurturing them too. (5)

(1) 1 Corinthians 2:9, Matthew 13:31-32 (2) Luke 21:15, Psalm 119:105 (3) Matthew 13:8, John 14:26 (4) Galatians 6:9 (5) 2 Corinthians 9:10-11

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