Receiving Wisdom To Make The Right Choices

Neil Vermillion —  August 9, 2016 —  Comments

As I continue to move you away from mindsets and habits of your past I am not only awakening perspective and understanding, but I am also granting wisdom too. I am giving you the discernment to identify problems, to identity mindsets, to identify habits that limit you, but I am also giving you wisdom to know how to make the right decisions in dealing with them. I am giving you a righteous perspective to allow you to have clarity and wisdom as you make adjustments, adopt new mindsets, and begin to install new habits.

But not only will I grant you understanding and perspective, but I will also supply the answer to your problems. I will assist you not only in identifying limits, but also in discovering the adjustment needed as well. I will not leave you alone. I will not love you only to point out problems, and then leave you to figure them out all by yourself, for I will also supply you with the wisdom to see and rightly understand the solution too.

Be confident, my Beloved, knowing I have given you wisdom and clarity. Move in confidence knowing you are hearing from me, but also knowing the decisions you are making are good and right for you too. You will receive my guidance as you inquire, listen, and analyze, so do not be bashful, do not hesitate to ask of me. For surely I will respond with the answers you need. And as you continue to receive my wisdom, you will be equipped to make the right choices in dealing with your limiting mindsets and habits.

For it is my desire that you be free, and that nothing holds you back. It is my desire to liberate you from mindsets that limit you, harm you, confuse you, or steal or diminish what I have for you today, and tomorrow. So trust that the pressures you are experiencing today are serving to liberate you. The pressures of today are serving to help you identify your perceived limits, but they are also serving to liberate you from them as well.

I have given you what you already need, and will continue to do so day after day. And when you forget I will remind you. When you do not see, I will be your eyes. When you are confused I will be the light upon your path. When you are weak, I will be your strength. So continue to lean on me, and do so with confidence, knowing I am with you, I am helping you, and I am granting you my wisdom to make the right choices.

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