Recollection Of My Voice From Your Past

Neil Vermillion —  July 21, 2017 — Leave a comment

In this space of today you are awaiting my instruction in honesty. But let me assure you that you have heard from me already. You seek me as if I have not spoken to you. You inquire of me as if I have been uninvolved. You ask me questions about details and concerns I have already addressed. So sit with me in honesty, and reflect on what I have shared with you already. For in doing so you will begin to see the answers lying before you that have already been given you.

And in this understanding you will appreciate the subtle details in which I interact with you. You will taste my gentleness and my patience, and you will begin to adopt my practice of meekness. You will engage with the sentiments of my heart as you reflect not on what I have said, but how I have communicated it to you. You will encounter me and engage with me in channels that are not obvious. You will experience me in aspects below the radar of your conscious, rational mind.

With this understanding, do not presume I am not with you or that I am uninvolved or unaware. Do not presume I have not heard your cries nor answered your call, but reflect on what I have given you already. Look past the surface to the depths of what I have shown you already. Look past the initial display, into the essence and the heart of the matter. Look to these things, as you recollect my voice from your past.

For I will assist you. I will guide you to the answers you need, to the memories you need, and to the understanding and interpretation of those memories. I will cause you to not only reflect, but to understand the memories, birthing new insights to information you already possess. And in doing so you will begin to recognize my provision, for you will see I have supplied you with all you will ever need already. You will experience my guidance and leadership, for you will see how I have spoken to you consistently and relentlessly not only today, but yesterday too.

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