Redemption And Renewal Better Than Your Original Dreams

Neil Vermillion —  January 21, 2016 —  Comments

Come to me, My Beloved. For I will delight you so deeply, so thoroughly. And all of the hurts and disappointments from your past will be so quickly forgotten. I will wipe the tears from your eyes, and you will remember your sorrows no more. For my fresh wind will renew your heart and you will remember how you felt in the beginning. You will remember your first love and will not recall the heartache and heartbreak from your recent past.

I will pick you up. I will renew you. I will invigorate you with the strength and passion and energy of your youth. And all the years stolen from you will be restored. All the wasted time will be redeemed, and you will taste my provision and my redemption and it will be as if nothing terrible had ever happened to you. You will remember your past, but hurt not more. You will recall the lessons learned, but have no more pain.

And you will walk and abide in such overwhelming delight. You will not be able to drink it all in, for I will surround you and overwhelm you with my loving presence. And you will be drunk beyond comprehension, because you will have forgotten all your sorrows, hurts, and wounds. And the disappointments will be remembered no more, but will be gently washed away, gone with the sunrise.

And the heart of your youth will be new again, and you will love without compromise. You will hope without wavering. You will dream without limits. And your circumstances will not cause you to tire or become weary. For my hope will sustain and feed you. And my word will be sufficient, for you will delight in our fellowship together even as we wait for that great day to come.

And though you have questions, even this very day, I have spoken to your heart and made all things plain and made all things new. And you will hope again, believe again, love again, and you will start again as if from the very beginning. And you will look at all I’ve set before you and it will be better than you dreamed. Even though what you had dreamed was good, what I will give you will be even better – far better, in fact!

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