Refine The Focus Of The Vision I Have Given You

Neil Vermillion —  September 21, 2016 —  Comments

Let me tell you, you are doing so well. Let me tell you, you have heard from me clearly. Let me tell you, you have heard my whisper and have responded quickly with all your heart. Let me tell you again and again how much I love you, and remind you once again, I will never leave you nor forsake you.

For my heart continues to burn with passionate desire to be with you and to enjoy the union of our fellowship together. And in this place of union I will continue to show you, step by step, the plans I have for you. I will reveal all mysteries and bring answers to the pressing questions you have. I will continue to love you patiently as you grow and learn and develop along the way.

You will be surprised at my patience. You will be surprised at my faithfulness. And you will be so surprised at the great delight I will show you again and again, day after day without end. For my heart yearns and burns for you for and the fire of my desire for you can be quenched with no substitute. I will hold myself true and faithful to you and you will know me intimately as such.

For I see the dark little shadows in your heart. I see the remnant of the doubt within your mind. I see it all and love you even still, My Dearest, so allow me to comfort and console you in every way. For in me you will find your rest, your peace, and your refuge. I will be your great love and I will continue to affirm you in every way.

So throw off the trivial items of this day that so easily blind and consume you. Throw off what entangles and confuses you as you refine the focus of the vision I have given you. And as you do, I will sustain you again and again and you will come to know my love in new dimensions, in new capacities, in strange, beautiful, and wonderful ways you have not previously imagined.

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