Refinement of Joy and Hunger

Neil Vermillion —  January 28, 2019 —  Comments

In this day I am giving you new perspectives on my joy and peace. You will experience my joy for you as you come together and share together. You will have a freedom and confidence in knowing who you are and in knowing who I am. This freedom will be a big blessing as you continue to grow in the things of me, and the things of my spirit. As you continue to know me, you will continue to share with others. This sharing will spread not only the message and the good news, but will also spread joy. Your joy will be increased as you continue to share with others. So know, as you feel motivation to speak to others, even people you do not yet know, this is my inspiration within you guiding you and giving you the words to say. (1)

As you continue to share, you will continue to grow in joy as well, for as you share life, life will be given back to you. This joy is my gift to you and is for your pleasure and wholeness so as you continue to follow me, your joy will also continue to be made full. Also know, this joy is a result of your history in times of secret space. As you have taken the time to grow close to me, you will find it easier to also enter in to my joy, the joy I have for you. As your joy grows, your heart will continue to become lighter and your mind will continue to become stronger. (2)

You will be hungrier for the things of me, and you will no longer be satisfied with things that used to satisfy you. Cheap answers will no longer suffice. Easy and convenient explanations will no longer suffice. Superficial experiences will no longer suffice. As you taste the deep things of me through my joy, you will no longer be satisfied with the shallow things of yesterday. The things of yesterday were good, and served their purpose, but I will continue to draw you into deeper waters, drawing you to deeper realms of knowing and understanding me. (3)

As you taste my goodness and see the joy and the wholeness of all I have in store for you, your desire to know me and be with me will also continue to grow. You will no longer be satisfied with the manna of yesterday, but will become a fire burning hotter and hotter fueled by the manna of today. (4)

(1) 1 Peter 1:8-9, Romans 15:13, Nehemiah 8:10, Philippians 4:7
(2) Philemon 1:7, Isaiah 35:10
(3) Psalm 42:7, John 5:20, Act 13:41
(4) Psalm 34:8, 2 Peter 3:18

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