Reflecting On The Mindsets In Your Life

Neil Vermillion —  June 5, 2018 — Leave a comment

The experiences of your youth are more significant than you previously thought them to be. Take time to consider the essence of your memories, how your thoughts and emotions were formed, as well as the relationships you formed. In doing so you will find there is specific revelation in terms of who you are, and who you are not, as well as the mindsets that influence you in this present day. I am going to begin to prune away the things that are untrue in your life. I am going to prune away what you have outgrown. I am going to prune away the things that have expired and are no longer relevant, necessary, or useful. (1)

So reflect on the mindsets in your life today, and how you acquired them. Reflect on these things for some of them will remain and will be strengthened, while others will be cut, removed, and thrown into the fire. Be mindful for I am going to encourage you by means of my specific revelation which will give way to so much precision and detail you will be astonished.

You will remember things you thought you had forgotten, and indeed you did. Though these things were forgotten, I never forgot them. I waited for the right day and the right season to revive and resurrect these memories. So be mindful in what I emphasize to you, and what I bring to your recollection. Be mindful of what I am saying, but also what I am not saying. Be mindful of what is being added and enhanced, but also mindful of what seems to be dying, all the things I am removing from your life.

In this observation I will grant you special revelation. You will understand the season in which you are living, but you will also be equipped to see what I am doing presently and how you can cooperate with it. As a result you will no longer be unaware. You will no longer be uncertain how to respond. So trust in me, and trust in what I am saying. Trust what I am doing, as you see me moving, working, adding, and removing. Trust in what I am revealing to you now, but also in the significance of the memories and mindsets I am bringing to your attention and awareness.

(1) John 15

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