Relationships For Encouraging One Another

Neil Vermillion —  July 29, 2016 —  Comments

Though you feel all alone at times, do not give up hope. Do not feel as though you are laboring alone, in a place of isolation. For you have not been forgotten. You have not been abandoned. I am with you in all these things, and even more. And not only am I with you, but in this hour I am bringing right relationships to you as well. For in this day I am joining like-minded folks together in order to foster encouragement.

For every thing there is a season, and a designated time. There have been relationships formed for work, for romance, for friendship, for mentoring, and for service. But in this time and hour I am joining together like-minded people together for the purpose of encouraging each other. And in this way there will be a mutual exchange. Both will be served, and both will be blessed. It will be a union joined together that will cause you both to prosper. You will love and serve the other, as you share together in similar ideas, attitudes, and vision. And in this way you will be strengthened and empowered. Both of you will be enabled and encouraged, able to continue with the long term vision without falling faint.

And now is the day to see peers and contemporaries as sources of inspiration, as sources of encouragement. This is a day to embrace relationship together knowing you will receive, but you will also give. This is a time of forming long term relationships. Some unions will be temporary in their nature, but many will be permanent, long lasting relationships that will continue to grow and develop as things progress in the future. Now is a time of building foundations that will survive storms and trials for years to come. This is a time to establish righteous boundaries and expectations, knowing they will endure, and will be worth the investment.

I am moving upon hearts, and interrupting habits of the mind, to bring about change and unity. And in this way you will find and form friendships and relationships that will be mutually beneficial. You will see the goodness of all they are working, and will appreciate the camaraderie developed as iron continues to sharpen iron. So in this day be open to my suggestion. Be open to my influence. Be open to receive my guidance in your new relationships. For these relationships will bless you, just as you will be a blessing to them. And in your openness you will also have to consider your previous mindsets and be prepared to modify, or even discard them.

You will not be able to continue to do the same things as in your past and expect different results. But as you remain open to my leadership and inspiration you will find I will make the adjustments that will spawn the spark of inspiration you need and desire in your relationships. And as a result, you will experience the righteous encouragement that will be no small thing for you. It will be no small interaction that will allow you to both give, and receive encouragement in this hour, as well as in the future.

As you sit before me with an open heart and an open mind, also be observant of the new relationships and mindsets I am bringing before you. For in doing so you will unite with those that will serve and bless you, just as you serve and bless them too.

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