Release of Grace To Sustain

Neil Vermillion —  April 24, 2019 —  Comments

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There is a long road yet ahead of you still. While you have come a great distance already, there is still a greater distance yet to be traveled. I have already released my grace to accomplish, my grace to endure, and my grace to finish. All of these will be essential for you because the days soon coming will require refined and developed capacities of endurance. You will encounter trials and obstacles that will place new demands on you, specifically for endurance. (1)

Despite all of this, know I am working with you to train, prepare, and equip you for the long term. Do not be surprised as the cycles in your life that should have ended by now have not yet finished. Even though many of you are in the place I have intended for you to reside, yet still desiring to venture past into a place of greater success, the place of final arrival. You desire to be finished, though this is not your season to stop. (2)

So I am coaching you; I am pushing you; I am working to grow your strength especially to endure and to finish. One of the key challenges opposing you is to simply wear you out. There are forces standing against you that would continue consistently and simply beat you because you are not able to endure. This challenge is not complicated, and does not require special insight or understanding, but it does require a special kind of strength, the strength to endure, in order to overcome. (3)

Because of this requirement, I am going to continue to work you, and to fashion within you the ability to receive my strength to finish, and push past your current limits. In days past, some of your minds have also been trained regarding your potential, and have incorrectly settled for a premature assessment. But I see your potential and I know what you are capable of. I see your context differently than you. I will push you past your limits, to help you accomplish my plans for you, and take you to the place of maturity in your destiny and purpose, despite failures and confusion from the past. (4)

In this time of pressing, trust I am pressing you to the place of excellence, and doing so deliberately. You are at the center of my attention in this day and hour, so trust we are working together as I continue to develop my strength in you and through you to sustain your pace and finish your race. (5)

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