Releasing My Spirit of Adventure

Neil Vermillion —  October 25, 2018 —  Comments

Though there may be hardships, struggles, trials, and difficulties, I have released my spirit of adventure upon you. I am causing your mind and heart to look at impossible mountains and see them as small, to see them as possible, to see them as “do-able”. Surely I am calling you to venture into the deep. And surely I am calling you to scale towards the greatest of heights. I am calling you to explore, seek, find, and discover the uncharted realms of my spirit and all I have for you. (1)

As you begin to perceive your movement into new depths do not be afraid. Do not wonder if you’re going to drown. Do not fear missing your golden opportunity, for surely I am with you in all these things, and these are my plans for you. You are not going to miss anything. You are not going to stray from the path I have for you, for it is my heart and my spirit drawing you into the deep, and calling you forward deeper and deeper still.

I have put within you a reckless abandon for the normal. I have put within you a sense and desire for adventure that is calling you to explore. I am awakening the spirit of discovery within you, as this continues to emerge the things of yesterday will lose their appeal. The things labeled safe, easy, or possible will begin to lose their luster. Instead you will desire greater challenges and greater adventures as you follow the guidance of my spirit into the deeper things I have for you.

Surely I have released a spirit and capacity for innovation within you. I have put creativity within you, so you will be able to adapt and adjust to these new surroundings. You will have to invent new solutions for new possibilities in order to take new ground. You will have to think on your feet, in the moment, on-the-fly, as you encounter new, deeper things. But know I have put a deposit of creativity within you, and you will do well as you continue to listen to me and heed my hints, clues, and instruction.

I’ve gifted you with abilities that will allow you to conquer and overcome. There is no mountain too high, no sea too deep, no giant too big we cannot overcome every one of them together. As we grow together, and our hearts become one, and our minds become one, surely your confidence will grow and your fear and hesitation will fade away. (2)

(1) Matthew 17:20, Psalm 42:7, Job 11:7-8
(2) Romans 8:37, Isaiah 40:4, John 17:21-23

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