Rely On Me When You Need Me Most

Neil Vermillion —  September 11, 2018 — Leave a comment

In your weakness you will find my strength. In your areas of lack, you will begin to find my abundance. In your doubts you will begin to experience my great and overwhelming solutions, answers, and confidence. Though your tendency will be to avoid these very things, as you embrace them you and acknowledge what I have for you in spite of them, you will begin to increase in your capacity to more fully comprehend not only what I am saying, but who I am as well. (1)

You discount what I say because you have confidence in your obstacles. You ignore my voice and my inspiration because you fear and are closed minded. So allow me to move you into direct confrontation of these obstacles so you will experience the solutions and provision I have for you, but also so you will experience my heart, my nature, my will, and my essence too. For as you begin to taste the victory and success I have for you, as defined by my criteria, your thinking and believing will begin to shift. With this shifting you will see things more and more closely to the way I see them, and move in response more and more closely to the way I would have you move. (2)

So do not put your faith in what you see, for what is seen is here today and gone tomorrow, but put your hope, trust, and confidence in me. For I am the source of all good things, and I will never change. I am the one who set all things into motion, and in my heart, my plans, and my character you can surely trust. But through the confrontation of these mindsets, obstacles, and storms, know they will serve you. Even though they may be unpleasant and difficult, you will grow as you walk with me in them and through them, and will come to know me in a deeper, more meaningful manner as you do. (3)

So do not look to your hands, as though they are empty and you are ill-quipped, but look to my hands. Do not look to circumstances, but look to my guidance. Do not look to your own ability to reason, or discern, but rely on me, and trust in me in all things. For as you encounter storms and areas of lack, doubt, and weakness you will surely also encounter me, particularly when you need me the most.

(1) 2 Corinthians 12:9-10, John 3:20-21
(2) Romans 12:2
(3) 2 Corinthians 4:18, James 1:17, Colossians 1:16-17, Romans 8:28

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