Rely On My Spirit

Neil Vermillion —  July 1, 2015 —  Comments

For many of you are finding yourself in a season of expanse, and it is overwhelming to you. You feel as though things should be moving more slowly, more gradually. And you feel this way because of your comfort zone, what’s familiar to you, and because of what has happened in the past. So do not allow yourself to rely on your previous experience.

For doing so will cause you to superimpose your understanding onto what I am doing today and in your future, and this may cause you to miss some things. You may misunderstand, and misinterpret what I am saying and doing in this hour if you continue to look at Tomorrow through the lens of Yesterday.

Though you have been given a certain measure of understanding, do not put your trust in your ability to understand. Instead rely on my spirit, and listen to me closely. For your understanding will not be sufficient, it will not be adequate. So allow yourself permission not to know, but simply practice the art of listening. Listen to me day by day, hour by hour. Allow yourself permission to simply take things step by step, and take it one day at a time.

For I am revealing things progressively and you’ve not heard or seen it all. But as you continue to allow yourself to walk by faith, and allow yourself to listen to my spirit, you will see it all develop, for I will do so perfectly. And all the mess, and all the confusion, and all the little details that seem to have been forgotten and neglected will all begin to come together at the last moment. For it will happen according to my timetable. It will happen according to my plans.

Trust in me. Trust in my timing. Trust and let your heart be free from fret, worry, and fear. You see things as a child. You see things small. But I see them from an entirely different perspective, and I see them finished. So trust in this, as I am calling you out today. Trust in my perspective. Trust in my plans. Trust in my timing. Trust in my leadership. Trust in what I know, in place of what you know.

For there are wonders and mysteries still yet to be revealed to you. There are rewards still in store for you, for the best is still yet to come. The fullness of my plans have not yet manifested, for they are presently still growing and maturing. So continue to remain vigilent, and continue to make yourself ready as you continue to listen to the voice of my spirit.

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