Remain Faithful In The Days Of Small And Slow Beginnings

Neil Vermillion —  May 30, 2018 — Leave a comment

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In your faithfulness you will certainly learn and absorb all you need to learn and absorb. You will experience everything according to my perfect timing in your life, and while you may not know it in the moment, you may not fully appreciate or understand it when it is happening, you will learn every single thing you need to learn. So do not worry about what you will do or how you will do it. Do not fear the unknown, or what is yet to be revealed, for as you endeavor forward you will acquire the valuable and necessary experience you will need. Do not worry, as if this is an oversight I have forgotten. Do not be afraid, as if I will permit you to blunder from one phase to the next omitting the very purpose of your experience to begin with. (1)

Rest in the assurance of my plans for you, for I am more than well acquainted with who you are. Rest in my plans for I am more than well acquainted with the call upon your life, as well as how to develop your skills and talents in response to the call. I am more than well acquainted with you in every way, so do not fear when you see uncertainty on your horizon. Do no fear when you perceive turmoil, difficulty, and contradiction, but rest in me, in who I am, and in my great plans for you, for I am the one who put all things together, and I am the one holding them together. (2)

As you continue in your faithfulness, slow as it may seem, you will certainly advance. You will certainly move forward, even though in the moment you may not perceive any movement, or any value to your present experience. Share all you have with me, for in doing so you will not only bond your heart to me in a permanent and meaningful fashion, but you will also give yourself the capacity to clearly form your ideas, motives, and questions, and in this crystallization you will begin to see gaps in your knowledge and experience.

With this awareness of the gaps you presently possess you will be more prepared to understand them and receive the answers and corrections as they are presented to you. The awareness alone will not be your remedy, however it will prepare you to receive your remedy effectively. You will be poised to adopt what I am implying in a subtle manner, and do so with not only accurate discernment, but also eager joy and anticipation.

So remain faithful in the days of small and slow beginnings, as you make yourself ready and share all these with me, day after day, season after season.

(1) Matthew 6:34
(2) Colossians 1:16-17

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