Remain Faithful In The Little Things And I Will Put You In Charge Of Much

Neil Vermillion —  October 13, 2017 —  Comments

As you continue to hear from me, also make a deliberate effort to actually apply what I show you. Make a distinct and deliberate choice and effort to implement the truth and revelation I show you. Do not allow my revelation to be a seed falling on rocky soil, but nurture what I give you. Steward what I give you and allow it to germinate, grow, and bear fruit in your life. As you hear my words, do not sit on the sidelines waiting for the perfect opportunity to develop and beckon you forward, but be bold and take action today, in the mist of the imperfections and sorely-timed intersections of all the mess and complications in your life right now (1).

For what I have shared with you is not meant to only be heard, but is meant to also be applied. What I have shared with you is not merely an idea to entertain and stimulate you, but is also truth to be lived. So take all I have shown you, all I have inspired within you, all that is sitting in the storehouse of your heart and put it into action. For in doing so you will be able to manifest the truth and revelation I have given you to new levels of understanding and expression, far beyond what you eyes have seen, or your ears have heard previously.

In this habit and practice I will awaken joy for the responsibilities of the day. You will discover meaning and value within what was previously perceived as worthless and trivial. In the implementation of this practice in your life you will engage with me and tap into the realization of your dependency on me in new and fresh ways. And this will not only draw your heart closer to me in terms of emotional impact and intellectual understanding, but this will also humble you and enhance your gratitude and appreciation for all things (2).

So do not let the volume of ideas overwhelm you or weight you down. Do not be consumed with the sheer volume of all that sits before you this moment. Do the best you can, and remain faithful and consistent with what I have given you already. Remain faithful in the little things and I will put you in charge of much (3).

So relish in this moment, in this day, regardless where you have found yourself to be. For this is a day of new beginnings, a day of wonderful potential, a day of delightful opportunity.

(1) James 2:14-26, Matthew 13:5, Matthew 13:20-22 (2) 1 Peter 1:8, Psalm 62:5-12 (3) Galatians 6:8-9, Romans 5:5, Luke 16:10

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