Remain Open In The Midst Of Your Activity

Neil Vermillion —  March 7, 2016 —  Comments

daily prophetic word caption
Today as you are active in the events before you understand in all these things I am also working on your heart and mind. Yes, I am working in, and through, circumstances to accomplish my will, my purposes, and my plans, but I am also working on you as an individual too. I am working to shape you, mold you, and perfect you. So understand, some of the things you are involved with are for the work that will be accomplished, and other things you are involved with are working on you.

There are mindsets and attitudes within you that will be revealed only as you encounter certain and specific events and circumstances. So I will work in these events to bring them to your awareness. I will coach you in these moments, and teach you as you encounter and experience what I’ve put before you. So be mindful in this moment, understanding you are in a good place. And though there are things in your life you would like to change in this present moment, understand you are in a good place, and I am with you every single minute.

Each experience you encounter will bring about its desired effect, in both your circumstances as well as your heart and mind, over the course of time. So embrace what is before you, knowing everything is working out for you ultimate gain and benefit. In the end, everything will work for your good, my Dear Ones, so do not run from obstacles or that which may be difficult or challenging.

Many of these challenges have been presented to you in order to help you grow. These challenges are the very thing you need, because they function as a catalyst to spark the change within you to improve you. So do not run from them, deny them, or reject them, but embrace and accept them for what they are – the catalyst for your improvement and growth.

In the midst of these challenges continue to keep your heart and ears and eyes open. For I am speaking to you. I am revealing things to you. I am teaching you. I am exposing and confronting mindsets and emotions within you through these challenges. So listen as you work. Take care to keep your ears open as you are busy, working in your daily tasks.

The daily tasks are good, but there is another dimension, another layer of understanding and activity you can interact with and learn from if you will be open to do so. If you remain open, I will speak, you will hear, and you will learn and grow.

Many of your questions will be answered as you open yourself to listen, to hear, to feel, and to receive. You will understand the nature of your questions, and you will understand, with perspective, the answers to what is perplexing you. So ask, and continue to ask, but also remain open. Remain open to listen, and hear my answers, as I speak to you through life events, circumstances, and especially through specific challenges you encounter.

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