Remaining Faithful In The Season Of Today

Neil Vermillion —  May 2, 2017 — Leave a comment

For I have shown you the strategy, and I have given you the understanding, so now is the time to remain faithful in your implementation. For you sought me in the past, and you asked for discernment. You sought me in the past and you inquired which direction to travel. You sought me in the past, asking how, and when, and where to accomplish, and surely I have given you all these things and even more. So walk with me now in faithfulness and take care of the business at hand for today. For as you take care of today, trusting me every step of the way, know I will also take care of tomorrow for you too.

For you have seen it and now understand it, so remain faithful. You know what I have given you, and what is made known to you, so remain faithful. Because you have heard from me you have no more question and no more doubt. No more confirmation is needed, so remain faithful. Remain faithful and watch me move and display my great generosity towards those who honor me and follow me in all things. Remain faithful with what I have given you today, and watch as I take these small tokens and multiply them hand over fist.

And as you cooperate with me in your faithfulness, you will learn of me in new and different ways. For even still I have so much in store to share with you – not always in terms of revelation of events and things yet to come, but also with gaining the knowledge and experience you need for the requirements of things and people yet to come.

So do not let your heart be troubled, and do not become disgruntled with the longevity of the blessings given you this day. Instead, remember from where you have come, and remember how you longed to experience these present moments. Remember, how your heart yearned to experienced the things you now take for granted. Remember your heart, and remember my sentiment towards you, and now move with diligence and faithfulness according to what I have already given you and revealed for you today.

You will see it come to pass, the next chapter in the book of your story that will speak of even greater exploits, even greater rewards, even greater adventures and revelation and insights. So walk with me as we co-author the timelines in the chapters in the story of the book of your life. For I will surely reward you, as I inspire you to remain diligent and faithful for the season today, knowing I have even more for you tomorrow.

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