Remaining Flexible In This Time Of Focus

Neil Vermillion —  February 1, 2016 —  Comments

As you continue to walk forward in what I have revealed to you also keep your mind open to the additions I am giving you as well. For you are walking in the direction of my will, but there are additions I am going to give you. And these additions will be supplements to what you’ve seen in the past. They will supplement what you already know. They will be additions, not deviations, not diversions, not distractions. So do not hold so tight to what you already know to be true that you reject and ignore the additions I have for you. For though you know and see and understand, there is still much to be given you as well.

So remain focused, remain diligent, remain steadfast, but also remain flexible enough for me to speak into your life and your present circumstances. Allow me to adjust your understanding. Allow me to give you more than you thought possible, more than you thought you would receive, and to do so in a manner that will cause you to marvel.

So keep your eyes focused, but do not keep them closed. For I am doing many things in this season. I am working together from many angles, accomplishing many things in tandem together, and you are a part of it all. And because you are a part allow my leadership to dictate to you where and how and when you must go.

For many details have been hidden from you. There are points of understanding you have not seen. So remain focused, remain diligent, but also remain open and flexible. For I will surprise you and I will delight you, and I will bring you to the place I have for you – that place of fulfillment and destiny. So embrace this time of advancement but also embrace the wonder and marvel of the additions and supplements as I reveal them to you. For the manifestation of my plans will be far greater than the vision and understanding you possess already.

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