Remember All I Have For You

Neil Vermillion —  September 28, 2018 — Leave a comment

As you continue to take care of business for me, I will continue to take care of business for you. As you follow my words, and the guidance of the inspiration of my spirit, even though it is vague and ambiguous at times, I will certainly continue to provide for you the things I know you have need of. I will not lead you into the middle of the wilderness only to abandon you. I will not guide you to the middle of the desert, only to see you perish. I will not set you up to fail, or lead you to your own demise, but will sustain, protect, and preserve you as you continue to walk the path I have laid before you.

I know your heart grows weary at times. I know you suffer anxiety, fear, and worry at times. I know you forget my ways, and you forget my words. I know in the horizon, you see the tide rising and fear it will overtake you. But I also know who I am. I know who you will grow to become. I know what I have in store for your future, and I know what I have placed within you and before you already. I know all these things with greater understanding, greater perspective, and greater details, with greater appreciation than you do. So allow me to speak the words you need to hear in your moments of hurts, weakness, and insecurity.

Allow me to be the voice of not only guidance, as a teacher reciting facts and instructions, but also as a loving father. Not only do I know all things, but I also care about you deeply. I love you more than you know, even though you know this to be true already. I love you more than you have sought to imagine, and far more than you could ever fully perceive or measure. I love you more than you presume, and far more than you could ever reciprocate. I love you greatly, faithfully, and without change – just as I always have, and just as I always will.

When your mind and heart are clouded with uncertainty, doubts, fears, and turmoil remember my great love for you. Remember how I have formed you, and made you. Remember my great demonstrations of my love for you already. Remember my words and my promises. Remember these things even though it may take effort to do so. Remember these things even though your present situation may deny it. Remember all of these things because they are true, because they will sustain you, and because they will preserve you as they empower you.

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