Remember Me Just As I Remember You

Neil Vermillion —  August 31, 2017 —  Comments

As you have listened to my voice in recent days, know I have given insights to the very questions you are asking. You are in need of answers, and have been for quite some time, so let me assure you that I am aware of your situation, but also that I have already given you the seeds of knowledge that will supply the answers you need (1).

I am instructing you and guiding you. I am directing your thoughts, and also directing your circumstances, and I’m doing so with great precision and detail, but also with great love, tenderness, and care. I am doing all these things on your behalf because I love you and because I care about you more than you know (2).

So do not worry, but trust. Trust in me, and trust in my plans for your life. And even though you do not always know or understand everything that is happening, do not let your hearts be discouraged nor troubled. For though you do not know the answer, know that you are in the palm of my hand. Even though you do not understand everything happening in this present moment, know you are in the palm of my hand (3).

Because you are in the palm of my hand you can rest, for no one, and nothing is able to pluck you or remove you from my hand, so rest in me. Trust in my plans, my nature, my will, my desires to see you grow, thrive, and prosper. Trust in my character, but also trust in my words and in my promises. Trust in me and look past your own understanding in this present moment. Trust in what I have said to you, but also what I have yet to reveal to you too (4).

There are ideas and concepts so lovely you cannot observe or process them. There are works so glorious they will confound your conventional thinking. There are gestures and experiences so lofty they will frighten you as much as they comfort and inspire you. Do not look to these things though they are good, but look to me.

Look to me, and remember me. Remember me when you doubt. Remember me when you are tired and feel as though you are making no progress. Remember me when it seems evil men are advancing and enjoying their devious lifestyle, while righteous men seem to be punished even though they are innocent. Remember me when the rain falls on the righteous as well as the unrighteous (5).

Remember me when you are sad. Remember me when you are angry. Remember me when you are disappointed, and remember me when you celebrate great victory. Remember me in all things, just as I continue to remember you always. I have always known you and always loved you, and nothing in this world will ever change that (6).

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