Reminders Of Who I Am

Neil Vermillion —  July 27, 2018 —  Comments

You will surely be amazed and delighted as you put your faith into motion and take action according to the inspiration you have received from my spirit. You will surely be overwhelmed with my goodness, peace, and joy but you will also be overwhelmed with my great power, guidance, and provision too. I will direct you in the right path, but also supply the seeds you need in order to reap your harvest. Even though you understand this in principle, as you apply it to your life consistently you will walk the walk of faith and enjoy the fruit it bears again and again.

It is my plan to prosper you and to see you grow, thrive, and flourish in all things. As you walk the walk of faith according to my guidance and inspiration, you will surely see my hand of instruction as well as provision manifest again and again. I guide you in order to advance you. I guide you in order to prosper you. I guide you so you will acquire what you need, but also avoid what you do not.

Be mindful of this reality as I guide you, for sometimes it will seem as though I am guiding you into directions you do not want to travel. Understand I am always guiding you by my great love. I am always guiding you according to the plans and purpose I have placed within your heart. I am guiding you according to what is truly good for you, even if it looks painful, unpleasant, or difficult in the short term.

No doubt there will surely be twists and turns you have not accounted for. There will surely be surprises you couldn’t have predicted. There will surely be delays and redirections that will alter the outcome. So continue to walk with me and rest in me, for as you do you will not be shaken when these things occur. You will not be discouraged, nor will you be unnerved because your hope, trust, security, and stability will rest in me.

As you come to know and experience me more and more, you will come to see the goodness of who I am. You will come to see the goodness of my plans. You will come to see the goodness of my ways and of my timing in your life. As a result, the surprises, redirections, and delays you experience along your journey, will by no means distract or interrupt you from your trajectory, but instead will serve to remind you of who I am, and all I am.

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