Removal Of The Hurts You Do Not Perceive Or Appreciate

Neil Vermillion —  April 21, 2017 — Leave a comment

I have opened your heart. I have opened up your mind. And even now, I am opening your circumstances to receive all I have for you more fully, more completely. I have pressed you and directed you, even against your will at times. I have managed the circumstances and have influenced events and relationships in order to govern the process active in your life. And in doing so, I navigated you to your present state. So know, you are precisely where you need to be right now, but also know, I am moving you past this point, to the next chapter in store for you as well.

For you are a series of many chapters inside many books. You are not as small as you think you are. You are not as brief as you think you are. The understanding you hold of yourself is not the same as the understanding I hold of you. So allow me to govern and guide you, for I will love you gently, as you continue to walk the terrain of the path I have laid before you. As you continue to walk you will begin to see yourself differently, and you will begin to relate to me differently. You will see me as I am, and you will understand what I have revealed in your intellect, as well as your intuition, for I have revealed myself, my will, and my plans to you in great, and intimate detail.

And as you walk with me more and more, you will feel the need for control less and less. As you understand the degree and certainty in which I already hold all things, and you will more easily, and much more fully, begin to rest in the truth of this revelation. For I will show you my faithfulness. I will show you my strength. I will show you all these things, and much more, and your heart will no loner need the false security offered by the illusion of control.

For what con you control really? How much life can you extend apart from me? How much can you truly alter in your environment apart from me? What can you accomplish apart from me?

But in me, all things are freely available to you, and you can taste and enjoy them all freely and fully. So allow me to rid you of the nuisance of control, both in your heart in terms of fear and anxiety, but also in your mind, in terms of demanding answers and believing the final outcome. For I will give you a joy that will surpass your anxiety. I will give you peace that will transcend your circumstances, and you will be elated as you carry the light and easy burden I have reserved for you.

Discard the foolishness of your former way of living, as you realize I have already liberated you from all the cares that weigh you down. For I have already addressed them, and taken care of them, having already paid for all of them. So walk with me, like a child, and allow me to systematically remove the hurts, burdens, and worries that weigh you down, even in ways you do not fully perceive or appreciate.

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