The Removal Of Noise, Clutter, and Debris

Neil Vermillion —  November 15, 2017 — Leave a comment

I am speaking to you clearly and loudly. I am making myself known to you, and also making my will known to you. I am not hiding myself from you, but pursuing you in our relationship together. I am encouraging and empowering you to hear from me and to receive me, just as I am, without distortion or misunderstanding. You are not far. You are not out of my sight. You have not been forgotten. You are near to me now, just as you always have been (1).

And with my spirit speaking to you now, listen to my voice, and do not continue to criticize what I am saying. For your skepticism is a good trait, because it prevents you from believing anything and everything you hear. But as you recognize my voice, and recognize my signature of what I am saying, do not continue to remain skeptical, for your criticism will hinder your hearing and understanding.

Instead open your heart to listen. You may not understand what I am saying at first, but do not worry about this. Over the course of I time I will continue to speak to you, and I will remind you of what I have said, and I will also reveal the meaning of what I have said. So do not concern yourself with trying to understand it all at first, but simply receive it.

As you receive you will come to drink the secondary benefits, not only the primary benefits. And as you drink from the fountain of my voice, and imbibe of the presence of my spirit you will come to know what you did not know before, and come to manifest what you did not believe before. I will supply you with what you lack, and surely this is a wonderful and obvious blessing to you, but I will also remove things from you as well (2).

I will remove the dross and the clutter. I will remove the noise and debris. I will remove the lies, presumptions, and misunderstanding clouding your understanding and field of vision, and will do so as you continue to sit with me, receive me, and listen to me openly, without skepticism or criticism. So listen and receive what I have for you, for in doing so you will know I am with you in all things, but you will also benefit as I give you what you need, and remove what you do not (3).

(1) John 17:25-26 (2) Philippians 4:19, Romans 8:32 (3) Isaiah 45:2, Luke 3:5

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