Removal Of Limiting Mindsets

Neil Vermillion —  June 8, 2015 —  Comments

For as you continue to gain new understanding your limiting mindsets will also be removed. For in order for you to have that flexible mindset to be able to cooperate with my plans and with my timing, these short-sighted mindsets will need to be removed.

And this adjustment will not be done in anger. These adjustments will not be harsh. But nevertheless, they must go. For I will remove these limiting beliefs you currently posses and take them away. I will remove your limits of who you believe I am. I will remove the limits of who you believe you are. I will move with certainty and you’re going to grow in your identity of who you are in me.

For you settle too quickly, too easily and you settle for too little in your times of battle. But in the days soon coming, you’re going to be fierce in battle. You will to fight and you will not give up. But in order for you to get to this place, you’re going to need that mindset that believes. You’re going to need that heart that believes. You’re going to need additional adjustment and I’m going to give you just that.

I will make sure you are well-suited for what I place before you. For these great days are coming. And these days of high adventure will not be for the weak, nor the timid. They will be for my glorious, fierce, warrior-bride. And she will shine like she has not before. And all the eyes of the world will be upon her, and the glory I will shine through her will be amazing and astonishing.

So understand this is where events are going, but first, we adjust. We adjust today, in order to be aligned for tomorrow. So though it will not make sense, and though it will offend your religious, man-made doctrines, trust in my leadership, for I am removing these limiting mindsets and bringing you to a greater level of possessing and understanding the truth.

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