Residing In My Peace In Perpetuity

Neil Vermillion —  February 16, 2017 — Leave a comment

As you continue to sit with me over the course of time you will grow in your understanding and appreciation of my peace. I will show you what it means to reside in peace together, and your heart will grow confident, knowing all things are accounted for and taken care of already. For as you come to know me more and more, you will see all the details you missed in your past. And these little details will convey a very clear and direct meaning and interpretation to your heart, allowing you to trust completely, without reservation.

You will see the involvement of my hand in details previously unperceived, and will come alive with certainty of my will and interaction in your life. And as I continue to show you previews of what is yet to come, you will also begin to observe details. And likewise, in observing the details of what is yet to come your heart will remain secure and confident, fully trusting, because you will see and understand the precision of the execution of my plans and timing for your life.

And as a result of this experiential revelation your heart will fear no more. Your heart will respond with hope and anticipation, no longer worried or concerned about things you cannot control. And as I show you one thing after another, you will accumulate a library of memories that will serve to stoke the fire of your inspiration. For my visions and revelation will surely delight you in incomprehensible and unimaginable ways.

I will explain ideas and meanings and I will elaborate on concepts, principles, and mysteries. I will draw your attention to one concept, and redirect it to another. I will guide and mesmerize your mind and your emotions, for you will be enchanted and amazed at the beauty and splendor of what I will show you. And in this place of awe and wonder, your heart will continue to remain steady, not wavering, not doubting, not fretting. My peace will not only saturate your environment and circumstances, but will invade and interrupt the thoughts and habits of your heart and mind, causing you to not only access my peace, but to reside in it in perpetuity.

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