Resistance Is To Be Expected

Neil Vermillion —  June 19, 2015 —  Comments

Even though I am with you, and even though this is the season for you to advance in pursuit of what I’ve called you to do and to be do not think this is a time you will be popular. For though you are on the right path, the path you are on will not be popular. So understand, opposition is all part of the process too. As you have people and circumstances resisting you in your work, understand this is normal, this is to be expected.

So do not allow this resistance to discourage you, or to hinder you. For you are moving according to my guidance, and you are following me. For surely you will have trouble, and you will have persecutions and hardships. Do not allow the resistance to cause you to think perhaps you are wrong, or perhaps you have misunderstood, or perhaps you have heard incorrectly.

For I have given you my word. I have given you my spirit. I have given you a mind to understand and discern, just as you discern the seasons in the natural world. So as you contemplate your present circumstances and you consider how you will respond, how you will take action, how you will follow or not follow, consider all I’ve given you and the path the is before you.

For nothing worthwhile will ever come easy. There will be difficulty surrounding many breakthroughs and advances you experience. So continue to look past your natural circumstances and look to what is unseen. Look to what will last forever, not what is here today and gone tomorrow.

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