Rest And Trust And Know I Am With You

Neil Vermillion —  November 9, 2015 —  Comments

Though you find yourself in the place of fear, still I am with you. Though you find yourself in the place of doubt, I am with you still. For these are your thoughts and feelings, not mine. My presence, my love, my plans for you never waver regardless of your circumstances, performances, fears, or doubts. For my position has never changed. My opinion of you has never changed. My love for you has never changed.

So while you find yourself wondering, and wandering about, understand I have never been confused, never been uncertain, never been unsure or indecisive. So while you see yourself surrounded by confusion, unable to see or hear clearly, doubting where you are, who I am, who you are, or where you are going, allow yourself to see what’s already been given you, and enjoy the fellowship of my presence.

For though doubt, fear, and uncertainty may come your way from time to time, my fellowship and communion with you is always available. And as you set yourself in my presence, and allow yourself to trust you will find the reality of who I am, my love for you, the strength and power of my presence, is so much greater than your present circumstances. For these things are here today and gone tomorrow, but my love for you will always remain. The things before your eyes are real, but they are brief, whereas my presence, and my love for you, is also real, but is never-ending, never-dying, never-wavering.

So when you see yourself surrounded by dark clouds on every side, look past what is here today and gone tomorrow and abide in the center of my peace and my presence. For in this place you will understand my love for you is not subject to your present circumstances whatever they may be. You will find I am so near to you, nearer than you can imagine or perceive. And you will enjoy our fellowship together, and allow yourself to rest and trust, and not to worry any more.

For what value is there in all your worry? What can you do to affect today or tomorrow by your worry? Rather, find yourself in the center of my comfort, in the center of my affections for you, in the center of my attention. For this is where you are, whether you know it or not, or believe it or not. You are the very apple of my eye, and I am not preoccupied with other things having forgotten all about you.

So as you feel uneasy, remember who I am. Remember the words I’ve given you already. Remember where you’ve come from. Remember where I’ve said I will take you. Remember the plans I have for you. And remember my heart of immeasurable love for you. For I have given you my son, and have rescued you and reconciled you when there was no way for you to do it for yourself. And if I have given you all this, why would you ever feel I would leave or abandon you now?

So rest.

Rest and trust and know I am with you until the end, and always will be. There is nothing that could shake me. There is nothing that could snatch you from my hand. There is nothing that could divert my love and attention for you. So rest, my Beloved. Rest and forget your worries. Forget your troubles. Forget your anxiety, though it seems so familiar to you. Forget and rest, for I am with you in all things, and my hand is not weak that I cannot protect, preserve, redeem, and restore.

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