Rest In The Assurance Of Who You Know

Neil Vermillion —  April 25, 2018 — Leave a comment

There is such beauty in the simplicity of time spent together with me. There is such value and such wonderment afforded you as you engage with me right where you are, with all your hurts and troubles, with all your mess and confusion, with all you know and don’t know included. There is so much goodness, happiness, and joy available for you, if you will but drink from the cup of my delight. While learning, knowing, and growing is good, also good is our togetherness in communion, in our sharing and expressing what we have already.

There is a tendency to search beyond your own backyard, to seek and search for what is not there. But I say to you, there is more within the realm of your own grasp, knowledge, and influence than you will ever need. You do not need to travel the globe in order to find joy. You do not need to endeavor in a new direction, in order to find fulfillment. You do not need to reinvent yourself in order to possess and manifest the happiness you desire and seek. For all these things have been afforded you already in grand display in our union and fellowship together. (1)

There is great value in growth, in acquiring more knowledge and experience, and in making our own environment better. But let me assure you there is also great value in enjoying where you are this present moment too. There is great satisfaction in the here and now. There is great joy, peace, and happiness in our relationship together. For in me you will find all you need, and all you ever will need. (2)

In me you will find no lack. In me, you will learn and re-learn I am all sufficient and that every good thing you need and desire comes from me. I am your source. I am The One Who Supplies. I am the creator. I am the originator, and initiator of everything good in your life. And as you listen to me, engage with me, and share with me you will experience me in no insignificant way again and again. (3)

For I will not hide myself from you. I will not withhold any good thing from you. I will not lead you astray, or deceive you, or hurt you, but will restore you. I will redeem the brokenness. I will inspire new joy and hope. I will multiply the good things you have already, and continue to supply you with more than you ever thought possible. (4)

So rest in the assurance, not of what you know, but of who you know. Rest in the assurance that I am in charge, and that my plans for you are good. Rest in the knowledge and assurance that we are together now, and will be together forever, and nothing in this world, past, present, nor future, will ever change that. (5)

(1) Philippians 4:19
(2) Philippians 4:7
(3) James 1:17
(4) Ephesians 3:20
(5) Romans 8:38-39

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