Rest, Receive, And Follow

Neil Vermillion —  December 16, 2015 —  Comments

For you press and pull and stress and strive, but what good does it do you? What can you accomplish by your worries? Can you add another hour to your life? Rather, seek me and come to know me. For in your quest you will surely find me. And in your discovery and exploration you will uncover many answers as you learn valuable lessons along the way. For I am your ultimate destination, but I am also your ultimate journey as well.

And as you continue to seek me, you will invent and discover new tactics, methods, technologies, and applications for what I’ve given you. My spirit will guide you into all truth, especially that which you’ve not yet discovered. And I will give you new ideas, new combinations, new innovations, new paradigms, and truly new ways of doing things. For my innovation will be among my people. My fingerprint will be left upon all my work. And surely my people who know me, who love me and follow me, will accomplish my work.

So sit and open your heart and your mind and allow me to dump and download all I have for you. For in your stressing and striving you miss the very thing sitting in front of you. You miss the most obvious answer to the question you are asking. So rather than strive, simply rest and acknowledge. For it is my good pleasure to reveal these things to you. Do I not know what you have need of even before you ask? So why work and strive to make these things happen, as if you could ever twist my arm to accelerate their accomplishment.

Rather, sit and imbibe. Drink deeply and enjoy. Open yourself up and receive what I have for you. For in your place of openness you will receive all these good things and even more. And I will show you and I will teach you. And I will speak and you will listen. I will instruct and you will understand.

And I will answer the questions you’ve not even asked yet. I will prevent wasted time. I will prevent mistakes and unnecessary delays and unnecessary hardships. I will take you the most excellent, most direct, more effective path possible if you will but rest, receive, and follow.

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