Resurrection Of Things That Have Died

Neil Vermillion —  May 4, 2017 — Leave a comment

Even as you sit counting the cost of new endeavors, know I am smiling upon you. Know I see the motives of your heart, and your desire to walk in excellence in all things. Know I see your heart, and the great and mighty plans you seek to fulfill. For I see the motives within you, and I see the talents within you too. I see the obstacles and challenges set before you, so know I am with you in all these things. But also know, I am training you, shaping you, and molding you. I am walking with you because I love you, but also so I can reveal myself to you when you need me most, the times when you otherwise would not pay attention. I am walking with you in all these things in order to grow you and perfect you, for I see the good work started within you already.

And even as I am giving you new inspiration, new strength, and new resources to move in new directions, even still remember to remain faithful with what I have already given you, with what I have already set before you. In doing so you will grow not only wider, but deeper too. I will increase you exponentially, and you will be surprised as you are also delighted. For I have greater plans for you than you have conceived.

I have greater plans for you than you have considered in the past. So walk with me, and do not attempt to slow me down. Do not attempt to manage the contents of what I lay before you. Do not attempt to throttle or tether the work I am doing within you, for it is good, and righteous, and in this season will be the remedy you need, the water for your thirst, the food for your hunger.

I will walk with you, and will remain with you again and again. I will continue to revive ideas and dreams that have died. I will resurrect what you have abandoned, what you have long since forgotten, what you have given up on so many years ago. For I know what I have planned for you, and I know what is in store for you, and I am committed to seeing it completed, even when you are not. I am committed to seeing it grow to its fullness, even when you have lost your way, and cannot see any hope left.

So even though you walk through this valley and have experienced death on every side, continue to trust in me, for not only will I lead you though it, but I will also resurrect all the things that have died that I intended for you to keep.

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