Revelation In Due Season

Neil Vermillion —  August 17, 2017 —  Comments

I have calmed you down, and have set you down. I have established your footing and your foundation(1), but have done so in what seems to be a slippery manner. I have set you on a solid rock, but it seems hidden from you in this present moment. So walk forward holding my hand, inch by inch, step by step, allowing me to guide not only the direction(2), but the pace as well(3). For though you know, you do not understand(4). Though you have seen a thing, you do not understand it fully(5). So be slow to speak, but quick to listen, quick to understand(6).

For I am speaking to you now in riddles and mysteries(7). I am speaking to those who have ears to hear. I am throwing my words out at sea, and those with the desire and capacity to swim will hunt and search for them – and they will surely find them(8).

And for those who have the desire, but possess not the capacity, ask of me(9). For many of you have not, simply because you ask not(10). So in all your doing, in all your responsibilities and pursuit of your daily activities, do not neglect to ask. As you ask, so also you will also receive(11). Ask of me, and you will find I will fill you with all you could ever want or need(12).

When you do not know what to ask, ask of me and I will show you. When you do not know what to pray, ask of me and I will show you. When you do not know how to pray, ask of me and I will guide you. I will give you the words, show you the pictures, give you the revelation, and even given you the understanding of all that you need – and I will also give you so much more!(13)

Sit at my feet, not out of duty or impatience(14), but with eager and excited anticipation of what I am giving you, sowing within you, and birthing in you and through you in this moment, as well as in days soon to come(15). Even though some of these things are hidden from you, know they will be revealed in due season, and will be glorious in their manifestation, demonstration and display!(16)

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