Revelation For Today From Revisiting Dry Wells Of Your Past

Neil Vermillion —  February 28, 2018 — Leave a comment

What I am setting before you this day is familiar to you, so do not dismiss it as irrelevant. In this day I am awakening within you the realization of your freedom from self-imposed limits, and to begin to understand what is already familiar to you. In this, you will begin to see new insights, concepts, and perspectives regarding what you already know and possess. Do not underestimate the difficulty of this premise, for the presumption in your heart and mind will blind you because it is familiar if you are not sensitive to what my spirit shows you.

I am giving new developments in the land you already know. I am making headway and advancement for you in the realms that you are already very familiar with. It will be a new discovery found in your own backyard, the very place you have presumed there was no treasure to be found. I am giving answers to questions you have asked for years, even decades. I am giving solutions to problems and obstacles that have eluded you and perplexed you for many, many years. (1)

Receiving and embracing this will require a certain mindset and tolerance from you. This will require you to engage with me in areas of frustration and failure. This will require you to recall painful memories as you acknowledge and recollect your experiences. Believe me, for there are lessons to be learned, and much ground to be gained through this process together. Know this is my doing, not yours. This is the move of my spirit for you in this present day and extended season for you, not the inspiration or decision of your own heart, will, or emotions.

Embrace this practice with me for it will be an immediate multiplication of the potential and resource currently within your grasp. This will be an immediate increase to what you already know and already see, understand, and have developed. Do not presume the well you have tapped in the past still remains dry, for that season of dryness has expired. Purpose within your heart to be willing to revisit the old wells I bring you to as you observe what I have given you already. Examine what I have opened before you. Discern what I am giving you this day, the revelation from the old, familiar wells of your past. (2)

(1) Exodus 4:6-7
(2) Genesis 26:18-22

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