Revelation And Understanding Amidst The Difficult And The Painful

Neil Vermillion —  March 29, 2017 — Leave a comment

You will find the pressures you are experiencing are guiding you and moving you into the very direction you need to travel and grow. The pressures are not random, but are precise and strategic. So even though these pressures may be uncomfortable, do not resist them, for they are working within you a greater glory, a greater truth, a greater reality, yet to be fully revealed.

Follow me and allow me to speak to your heart gently and softly. For as I do, you will hear wondrous delights that will not only help you in your time of need, but will encourage and sustain you too. For you look for the difficult and painful mysteries, as if something painful and difficult is more valuable. Instead, allow me to show you the pleasure of the here and now, and how we can enjoy our life together in the presence of our union and fellowship together. For in me, all things are possible, but apart from me you can do nothing. So open your heart and your mind and allow me to speak to you in all things, not merely the difficult and painful obstacles that seem to be so important and pressing to you in the moment.

I’m going to speak to you in new ways, and though you have wondered what this means in the past, I am saying this to you today. For I have no limits, and there is nothing good I will withhold from you. I have many things to share with you, and not all of them will be painful. Not everything I have for you will be birthed as a result of a difficult and trying process. In fact, much of what I have for you is easy, much of what I have for you is fun and enjoyable.

So understand much of what I have for you is very easy, and very enjoyable as I present new truths to you today, for you will be inclined to misunderstand what I am saying if you remain focused on seeing, hearing, feeling, and receiving difficult and painful lessons. The new truths I have for you will encourage you and will empower you. The new truths I have for you will delight you as they give you courage and insight, not only to finish, but to enjoy the process as you continue to endeavor and progress.

Walk with me with these things in mind, for I am revealing more delights to you than you realize. I am giving you more joy than you realize, more hope than you realize, more strength than you realize. And the more you receive and understand from me, the easier everything will become. Yes, there will be challenges, but the process will become easier and more enjoyable as you continue to lean on me, rather than leaning on anything or anyone else.

Enjoy what I’ve set before you, for it is easy and wonderful. Enjoy the ease of the revelation I have made available to you, and do not complicate it by looking for additional revelation and understanding amidst the difficult and the painful.

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