Revival of Original Plans

Neil Vermillion —  November 19, 2018 —  Comments

In this day and in this season I am giving you tools and mindsets to be able to accomplish my plans for you. I am giving you new inspiration and new impartation of courage to your heart, mind, and spirit, for it is my desire that you conquer and possess the land, that you exercise your dominion, and that you walk in freedom from things that have held you back in the past. (1)

Along with my courage I am also inspiring new levels of stamina as well. I want you to finish, and to finish strong. I am here to help you along the way, to make sure you do not fall in your weariness of doing well, but to succeed and thrive as you go. It is my plans to promote you as you continue to walk in faithfulness and obedience to me in all my ways, for surely I want to see you prosper and see you achieve all I have for you. (2)

In this time I am also giving you new clarity, even to visions of old. I am causing a new focus and a new perspective to come to the front of your mind so you will see things more clearly and understand things more clearly. I am wiping away the fog from before your eyes so you will be able to see and understand all that I have set before you and know I am guiding you and directing your footsteps. (3)

In this season surely old visions will be rebirthed, old ideas will come to mind again, and old plans will be revived. I am giving you new perspective and new motivation for the original plans and the things of old. Even though you may have forgotten and abandoned them, surely I will redeem, restore, and even revive the original plans I have given for you to accomplish. (4)

With this in mind move in boldness, faith, and trust knowing I am with you, helping you along the way day by day, step by step in this season for reviving of original plans. (5)

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