Revival Of The Original Spark Placed Within You

Neil Vermillion —  September 24, 2018 — Leave a comment

I am setting new options before you, even in the midst of what is old and familiar. I am opening new provision to you, and offering new interpretations to old expressions, so what you already know and possess will be renewed and updated, as well as receiving the entirely brand new things I have in store for you. Look to this day and do not be overwhelmed, nor disillusioned, with the repetition or monotony of the environment in which you inhabit. Do not be sad, or bored with what lies before you, but understand I am awakening new things, but also awakening new perspective to old things as well.

I am making all things new, and making the broken things new, restoring them to their former glory or even better. I am taking what has been stolen, and returning it to you. I am reviving what had previously died, and reinventing the interpretation and inspiration of the original spark I placed within you before the beginning. I am redirecting your steps and understanding so you will see the path with clarity, but also the individual steps before you. This path will be illuminated with clarity and precision, but will also be saturated with eager and happy joy, peace, and enthusiasm too.

The timeliness and development of your history has taken its toll on your heart. It has made you tired and made you weary. The journey has not been kind and has not been enjoyable, and you have certainly paid the price required of you in your faithfulness to your call. But know all of this will not go unnoticed, nor unrewarded, but every act of obedience will be accounted for and will be met with its reward. Every righteous choice will bear good fruit in your life, and you will lack no good thing.

Allow me to revive the original spark of the original intent placed within you. Remember these dreams and desires. Remember these plans and goals. Remember your first love and remember the joy and happiness you felt all day long, and all through the night. Remember these things, for they are your inheritance, not for the distant future only, but also for the here and now as well.

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