Rich Reservoir Of Toys For You To Play With

Neil Vermillion —  March 11, 2019 —  Comments

Though you act like a child, you will not remain a child, and as you put away childish things you will see the wisdom and the beauty of the process outlined before you, and how things have been engineered in your favor so you will come forth as pure gold. This process will show my faithfulness, and this process requiring so much perseverance will show my provision, and show my sovereignty in many magnificent ways. As you continue to recognize this over the course of time, and over the course of your life, your heart will come alive with honor, love, respect, and awe. This is no small thing, for in these things your heart’s cravings for purpose and destiny will be satisfied as you continue to walk with me and know me. (1)

Know as you continue to walk the path placed before you, the perseverance required of you will be no small thing. It will require the very most out of you. You will be required to give to your limits, and yes, even past your limits at times. In this process you will be forced to reach out to me and to rely upon me. It is in encountering your limits, and encountering death to your ideas you will be liberated to walk in and abide within a new life, a more life abundant. This will be your cross to bear, your path to walk. (2)

But my grace will be with you along the way, empowering you, restoring you, sustaining you, and guiding you day in and day out. As you come to know my faithfulness, your heart will continue to grow in confidence in me. This is all part of the process too. This is part of the reason things will take a long time. There is nothing wrong with this process taking a long time, so do not feel you have missed it, or made a mistake simply because it has not happened as quickly as you would like. Do not feel you have misunderstood, or did not hear correctly, for I am your shepherd and will continue to guide you, even in your errors and misunderstandings. (3)

Even if you did miss it, I would restore it. Even if you were premature in your actions I would correct it. There is no mistake greater than my ability to redeem. There is no blunder so big I cannot undo it. While you understand this in your mind, you will come to understand this in your heart as you continue to walk with me day after day. In this time the process of refinement will also strengthen and build the qualities you will need. It will be different from person to person based on the plans and gifts I have for them, but know it is a rich reservoir of toys within your box you are invited to come and play with. (4)

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