Safety And Guidance In Exploring New Realms

Neil Vermillion —  March 27, 2019 —  Comments

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As you go past your limits, trust in me. The depth in which I will take you will shock, astonish, surprise, and amaze you. There is so very much in store for you. There is more than you will be able to contain or fully comprehend. So as you begin to test the waters, you will find it to get very deep very quickly. At first this will feel uncomfortable because it is unfamiliar, but trust I will not let you advance too quickly, or deviate from the course intended for you as you endeavor forward past your limits of yesterday. (1)

I am the Great Shepherd, willing to lay down my life for my flock. I will not allow you to fall off course as new realms become opened to you. These new realms are only new to you. They are not new to me. I know them very well. And as I continue to invite you to venture past your previous experiences, you will find security in who I am, as well as my ability to shepherd you throughout the process. (2)

Through it all the revelations you will seek will bring you to the place I have in store for you. I will work with you to equip and prepare you for your role in the days of the great labor. At times it will feel like a war zone. At other times it will feel like a high adventure. Still other times, it will feel like great struggle and sacrifice requiring much labor and giving, even beyond what your mind can conceive at this time. (3)

All of these things are of me, and while it will stretch you as I reveal myself to you, and you will recognize me through it all. These days will require knowing me very closely in order not to be deceived, and not to fall away from offense. For many of you will not recognize me because you do not know me, and do not recognize my activity beyond the scope of your limited paradigm. But those who know me will recognize me, will see my signature and recognize my voice, though they have never heard it this exact manner previously. (4)

Do not let your hearts be troubled. Do not worry, fret, or fear for all these things must happen, and all these things must be permitted in order to allow events to transpire. They will not last, for they are but temporary. As you are close to me, you will find the place of safety you need and enjoy my protection and fellowship throughout the midst of it all. (5)

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