You Have Said Yes To My Call

Neil Vermillion —  February 13, 2017 — Leave a comment

I see where you are in this very moment, how you are contemplating things of your past and things of your future. I see where you are right now, and your desires to advance, to grow, and to prosper. I see where you are, and I know where you are going, and I am guiding you by the vision I’ve given you. I’ve given you vision for the future, for tomorrow, for days yet to come. I’ve given you understanding and vague notions, but they are becoming clearer and clearer day by day.

As you continue to walk with me I will continue to train you, prepare you, and guide you. I will continue to encourage you, inspire you, and empower you. I will continue to supply you with what you need, and remind you of all you already have. I will continue to work with you, helping you overcome your fears and confusion. I will bring clarity and focus to your cloudy, hazy perception.

And though you have your own desires, good and righteous desires, I know you have said yes to my spirit. So let me confirm to you once again, you have said yes to me, and have said yes to my plans, and have said yes to my timing and my ways. You did not originate these plans. You did not construct or manufacture the call upon your life, but you have merely realized what I have revealed to you, have acknowledged it, and have accepted the call.

So lay aside the doubt of your youth, the doubt that accuses you of dreaming your own dream, and creating your own plans. Lay aside the criticisms, even the self-criticism, accusing you as being selfish and ambitious. For you did not create these plans, and you did not agree to these things with your own interest in mind. You did not create this plan, rather I gave it to you. You simply said yes to my invitation, as I have gradually revealed it to you over the course of time.

And even this day you do not fully see all the little details involved in your path, or in your process. You do not clearly see the destination I have in mind for you. So how could you listen to the voice of accusers, or even your own voice, claiming you have been self-involved, creating a plan after the lustful desires of your own heart?

But I have seen your heart, and I have seen your motives. I have seen all these things since before the beginning, and I have worked with you to make sure you have also seen these things. For even today I am affirming the call upon your life, and affirming the source of your cooperation. For you did not choose this path, but I have chosen it for you. You did not imagine this course in your life, but I have directed you to it appropriately.

So allow me to continue to guide you. Allow me to finish the good work I have started within you already, for my glory will manifest in you, and through you, according to my plans, and my timing. Do not carry the burden of doubt and accusation, as if you have heard incorrectly, or have deviated from my plan. For today, I am affirming to you directly you have in no way deviated from, nor perverted, my plan. You have said yes to my call, and said yes to my spirit. You have said yes to me in all these ways, both publicly and privately, so do not entertain further notions suggesting otherwise.

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