The Satisfaction Of Fulfillment Of Destiny

Neil Vermillion —  May 12, 2017 — Leave a comment

As you have trusted me in the past, you have found me to be reliable. So now, as I am advancing you past another realm of your comfort zone, continue to trust me. Even though there is discomfort associated with your growth, remember you are not trusting in yourself, or even trusting in the process, but you are trusting in me. Remember I have seen all these things growing and developing for many, many years. And even now I am well aware of their current status and state of affairs. Remember I am with you, but also remember I am leading you by specific revelation according to my plans for your life.

The vision I have given you is clear. And though there are pieces yet to be given you, you have been given enough to take action. You have been given enough to get started and to continue to maintain. so do not concern yourself with the answers you do not presently have, for what I have given you already is sufficient for today. Continue to walk with me, but also trust in me. For as you have followed me and believed me in the past, in the same way you will find I am still reliable and trustworthy. You will find I am equally skilled in guiding you and speaking to you. I am equally skilled in presenting you with what you need in the moment, in order to advance to the next step.

And as I press you and compel you, do not resist the move of my spirit. Do not hinder the work I am doing in order to accommodate your comfort zone or your preconceived ideas. For I will move according to my plans, not yours. I will advance you according to my direction for your life, not according to your presumptions. I will advance you according to the bigger scheme of all that is happening, even things you have not perceived or understood.

So trust in me, particularly as you feel you are beginning to lose control. For in your place of liberation you will realize and discover the tethers of yesterday suit you no longer. You will find them to be too restrictive, and too confining. So walk with me by faith, believing, as I continue to liberate you from the immaturity of yesterday, and usher you into the fresh revelation, freedom, and understanding of today.

Let go and enjoy my peace as you relinquish your perceived control that offers a resemblance to security. For in reality the control you feel you possess is actually very, very small, if any. So do not hold on to this delusion, presuming you will somehow be able to improve my plans, or improve my timing.

Instead trust in me. Trust in me in all things, especially in the timing as you see rapid growth and advancement appearing at your very door, ready to overtake you. Trust in me when it seems you are about to be overwhelmed, for I am with you, ready to provide you with all the answers and solutions you need.

Trust in me, and as I have said before, continue to trust in me. For as you do, you will learn, and be reminded, I am reliable and more than trustworthy.

As you trust me you will experience not only the liberation your heart desires, but also the satisfaction of the adventure and fulfillment of destiny placed within you as we walk and fellowship together in the harmony of our union together in all things.

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