Satisfaction From Relationship And Fellowship With Me

Neil Vermillion —  February 21, 2017 — Leave a comment

All good things will come as you allow my spirit to influence and impact your life. All the good things you want and desire will be given you, and even more as I speak to your heart and guide your circumstances. I will draw you close to me, and will redirect your affections and energies. For you are easily distracted, easily confused, easily swayed by the flavor of the month. But as you reside with me you will lose your taste for trivial pleasures as your appetite and palette for truly excellent and righteous satisfaction increases. For once you taste and experience what I have to offer you will not be able to return to lesser, inferior pleasures.

No substitute will be able to take my place. No imitation will be able to satisfy you the way I can. No other will be able to occupy your heart and bring you the satisfaction, adventure, intrigue and fascination the way I do. And as you experience this truth, it will become self-evident and you will no longer pursue lesser things. So do not fear me, do not fear what I say, do not fear what I offer you even though it is unfamiliar to you at this time. For I will show you, I will include you, I will introduce you and acquaint you with me, with my ways, with my presence, with my plans for your life. And you will come to desire these things above all else, for only I can satisfy you fully in all these ways.

And you will see my goodness and rest in confidence and security. You will taste my redemption and desire and crave it without compromise. You will know my mercy, forgiveness, joy and peace, and will become overwhelmed with the immeasurable generosity in which I will share all these with you, and even more. For I have so much more in store for you, more than I have stated in the past, more than you have any idea, more than can accurately be described.

All this will be given you in the due course of time, so for now, do not concern yourself with tomorrow, but keep your mind awake in the here and now. For I am speaking to you today. I am pursuing you today. I am bringing your awareness to a heightened sensitivity today, and will continue to do so day after day, as you walk in fellowship and relationship with me.

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