Season Of Victory

Neil Vermillion —  June 18, 2015 —  Comments

I am positioning you to receive the fullness of my blessing. I am moving you out past the place you’ve come from, and moving you in to the new positions I have in store for you. And with this advancement will come some challenges, but the rewards will far outweigh the costs. So continue to move forward, and do so in boldness, in confidence, knowing I am with you, knowing this is the season I have you in for your continued advancement.

This is not the time to slow down. This is not the time to stop, or to pause. This is not the time to reconsider the things I’ve planted within your heart. This is the season to launch out. This is the season to step out. This is the season to move forward without looking back. And in these days understand my spirit is with you, and I am guiding you and inspiring you.

For I’ve given you my grace to empower and equip you. And as you face your challenges of the day, remember the victory is already yours. The victory has already been given you. So continue to move forward, knowing this is your season, this is your time, to advance and to move forward in victory.

But remember,just because I am with you, and just because this is your season of victory, do not consider there will be no work involved. Do not consider there will be no resistance. Do not consider this will be an easy time. For there will still be all the resistance of the past. There will still be much work required of you. In many ways this will be a difficult season, requiring the very most, and the very best from you.

So move forward with anticipation in your heart, mind, and spirit. For this is the time to advance and to do so with confidence. This is the time to initiate, to take charge, to embark, and to explore and discover. Do not hesitate. Do not hold back. For this is the time and season I’ve organized for you. This is the door of opportunity I’m giving you to allow you to move forward in all I’ve called you to pursue and to be.

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