Seasons Of Pressure And Uncertainty

Neil Vermillion —  June 5, 2017 — Leave a comment

I know you want to move in the right direction for this season of your life. I know you have many desires, many options, many directions before you, even this day. I know you are both anxious, as well excited. I know you are eager and want to climb to the top of the mountain instantly, even this very moment. I know you have dreams that have still been unfulfilled. I know you desire righteous things, and want to fulfill them righteously. I know the waiting time and growing time and developing time is difficult, producing a burden unique to your path, yet still heavy enough to wear you down.

I know there are many things on your mind these days, and you want to continue, even though you are not one hundred percent certain as to the direction for this day. You see the end, and you see how it will look for you, but there are still questions and still details about living today that are not quite clear, things that have not been answered or addressed.

I know you have apprehensions about the future, even though you trust me now. I know you have questions that cause you to feel uneasy and they produce a bit of uncertainty. I know you want to do the right thing, but you are not always sure what exactly right in the day to day decisions of your life.

I know you all too well. I have seen you since before the beginning, and even today I am quite aware of where you are, and the issues of your heart and mind this very minute. I know you, and have seen you, and even have seen your problems before you were ever aware of them.

So continue to trust in me, just as you have. Trust in me, listen to me, follow me, and do not lean on your own understanding. For as you continue to walk with me and allow me to speak to your heart, not just your circumstances, you will find I will continue to guide you every step along the way, and you will grow, increase, and prosper.

For though the pressure is real, and the pressure of the day seems to be too heavy for you, know I am with you, and will carry the heaviness of the day on your behalf. I will carry the weight too heavy for you to carry. I will bring hope to your heart and perspective to your mind, so you will be able to understand and sustain. I will bring you all the things you need, even the things have not yet perceived.

So though difficult at times, continue to walk with me, listen to me, and follow me. For I will guide you in the direction intended for you, and will do so gently and lovingly, as I walk with you hand in hand even through seasons of pressure and uncertainty.

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