Seated With Me In The Heavenly Realms

Neil Vermillion —  August 21, 2017 —  Comments

In your darkest times, in your darkest, most hopeless hour do not lose hope. Put your trust in me; put your hope in me; put your rest in me, for I will not let you down, I will not disappoint you (1). And though you do not always see the light at the end of the tunnel, remember I am there with you (2). I will be your light. I will be your answer. I will be your solution and bring you through the difficulties that seem to hinder you and hold you back. I will be the catalyst to instigate and initiate your breakthrough and advancement. I have started this good work in you already, and I will most certainly see it come through to its full development and completion (3).

For I know the beginning from the end. I know the details that no one else notices. I know the details no one else thinks are important. I know what matters, what direction is important, what day and season make for the right (and wrong) time. I know who you should follow and listen to, and who you should not. I know who you should confide in, and who you should not. I know who is righteous in their own eyes, and who is not. I know who sees themselves clearly and accurately with sober mindedness, and who does not. I know all these things, and all these people, for I am in the midst of them all.

I have spoken to you in the past, but today you are filled with grief and doubt, as if I lied to you, or as if all this was your idea to begin with, or as if any of this was ever about your perfect performance at all. I have spoken to you in the past, but you have quickly forgotten what I have said. So take a moment and unplug from the busyness of your daily life, and come away with me, and allow me to speak to you once again.

As I speak I will remind you of the truth you already know and possess. I will awaken your remembrance of my words and my promises, and in doing so will remind you the burden of performance never has been, nor will it even be, upon your shoulders (4). And in this joy you will revel, for you will not only observe my goodness, but will experience it thoroughly.

You will not always understand me, my ways, or my timing, but let me assure you, you will always enjoy the fullness of my presence, my joy unspeakable, and the weight of my manifest peace. All of these are freely available to you in the bond of our union together. So when you are tired, weary, and full of doubt, come to me and I will supply you with all you need.

In these things you can find rest, for you will know me intimately. You will come to realize what I have set before you, what is available to you, and all you can participate in. For you have been seated with me in the heavenly realms already, able to walk and abide in the fullness of joy, peace, comfort, and security immeasurable (5).

(1) Psalm 9:10 (2) Joshua 1:9 (3) Philippians 1:6 (4) John 14:26 (5) Ephesians 2:6

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