The Security And Stability Of My Presence

Neil Vermillion —  November 3, 2016 —  Comments

I am emphasizing the importance of where you are today. I am showing you the value of, not only the present process, but also the status of your present setting. And this is the very thing you desire to surpass. This is the very lot you want to circumvent. But though you desire to bypass this necessary step, allow me to guide you to an understanding and appreciation of where you are. For in doing so you will be better equipped to receive understanding for things yet to come. So know, today is necessary as it is establishing a foundation to build upon for things and days to come.

As you want to move to your future so quickly, and forget where you are today, allow yourself to remain open to what I have for you in this moment. I know you want to move ahead, and this is a good desire, but also remember there is a righteous timing necessary in order to allow the full process to produce its results.

I will show you the value and importance of today, and I will show you the value and importance of yesterday too. And in doing so, I will prepare your heart and mind to more accurately process and synthesize your future experiences. For I am illuminating to you key concepts, and key issues within your own heart. And though these things are familiar to you in many ways, I will show you angles, perspectives, and truths you have not previously considered.

Though the process seems random and haphazard at times, know there is nothing happening beyond my awareness. Though you do not understand the process fully, trust in me, trust in my heart for you, trust in my plans and my design, and trust in my timing, knowing I am working all these things for your ultimate benefit. Let go of your desire to control. Let go of your need to analyze and approve, and surrender yourself to the guidance of my spirit, to the direction I have already marked out for you.

For in doing so you will discard unnecessary burdens and will allow yourself to enjoy the peace and security of my leadership for your life. I will guide you and I will shepherd you. I will feed and protect you, and you will be taken care of in every way, even though you will not always understand everything. So come to me and allow me to dismantle your accusation and apprehension. Allow me to comfort you with the truth of my unfailing love and the security and stability of my presence.

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